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Poll #1867074 Next round
This poll is closed.

Would you like a new round here in the who_reversebang?


If you said yes, how would like to participate in?



Same as last year
Some other time

This poll is to determinate the general interest, so please seriously think about it that you really want to participate as an author and/or artist. (This is not a sign up, so you can change your mind, but please consider it carefully, because it is quite some time to organise this.)



Hi everybody,

You did all an amazing job, and this first round brought us such a great arts and fics, I can't wait for what will you come up next!
If you would like to browsing (and drolling) this masterpost is for you.
Thanks for the wonderful collaborations, and I hope we'll meet again next year!
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Artwork #16

Prompt Type: Art (Fanmix)
Prompt Title: Nothing But The Universe
Prompt Number: #16
Artist: trialia
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing(s): River Song/the Doctor
Rating: Teen
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I have as yet heard nothing from my assigned writer (I think her motherboard may be fried, going by Twitter!), but this is my last opportunity to make this post before New Year's Eve, so I have to post now. Hope you enjoy the fanmix, even if it doesn't have a fic (yet!)

Edit: Forgot to include my cover art. Spoilers for The Wedding of River Song, so that's under another cut.

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For The Love Of...

Art Prompt Title: Untitled
Art Link: Art Masterlist
Prompt Number: 01
Artist: bookwrm89

Fic Title: For The Love Of...
Author: ptork66
Fandom/Genre: Gen Torchwood
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2986
Warnings: Un-beta-ed, first-time Torchwood fic. Other than that, none.

Summary: A wedding and one good man inspire a stirring of long-dead emotions and a gesture of a feeling that he won't name.

Tyler and Jones (1/1)

Art Prompt Title: Untitled
Art link: Art Masterlist
Prompt Number: 14
Artist: redcirce

Fic Title: Tyler and Jones
Author: spikewriter
Fandom/Genre: Doctor Who, Gen
Pairing(s): Rose, Martha (Pete's World)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4,939
Warnings: None
Summary: It's another day, another shift for Martha Jones — or so she thinks. She doesn't take into account that some things are not what they seem.

A Tale of Suspension: Lonely in the Dark

Art Prompt Title: Untitled
Art link: Art Masterlist
Prompt Number: #8
Artist: shades_of_hades

Fic Title: A Tale of Suspension: Lonely in the Dark
Author: a_phoenixdragon
Fandom/Genre: DW/TW, Horror, Adventure
Pairing(s): GEN (with some mild references to J/I and J/11 UST - nothing explicit)
Rating: R
Word Count: 26,898
Warnings: Dark!Fic, Horror, Angst, Language


The First Wedded Night

Art Prompt Title:"Hello, Sweetie."
Art link:Art Masterlist
Prompt Number: #3
Artist: mizra

Fic Title: The First Wedded Night
Author: scandalbaby
Fandom/Genre: DW
Pairing(s): Eleven/River
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,346
Warnings: None
Summary: It was not your typical first night of wedded bliss, spending it with your wife in her prison cell.


Art link: Pull Me In
Prompt Number: 8
Artist: shades_of_hades
Fic Title: Enchanted
Author: beesandbrews
Fandom/Genre: DW/TW, fantasy/romance
Pairing(s): Jack/11th Doctor, Jack/Ianto
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: ~5600
Warnings: none
Summary: Jack has never thought of himself as Prince Charming. Then again, he doubts the Doctor has ever cast himself in the role of Sleeping Beauty.

Dec. 24th, 2011

Art Prompt Title: Untitled
Art link: Art Masterlist
Prompt Number: #7
Artist: sun_chan

Fic Title: This Poor World Below
Author: lilbakht
Fandom/Genre: DW, adventure
Pairing(s): Jenny/Vastra, possibly others if you squint
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5961
Warnings: Mild spoilers for season six

Summary: The TARDIS knows what she’s doing: a non-linear life. There was a reason that Vastra and Jenny behaved so familiarly with the Doctor during A Good Man Goes to War.

And I'm Not So Lonely Anymore

Art Prompt Title: Untitled
Art Link: Art Masterpost
Prompt Number: 15
Artist: deadflowers5

Fic Title: And I'm Not So Lonely Anymore
Author: unwritten25
Fandom/Genre: Doctor Who/Torchwood, Fluff, Smut, a tiny bit of angst
Pairings: Jack/River/Ten
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5,905
Warnings: Threesomes, some mature content (nothing extremely graphic, mostly kissing and some nakedness, sex is all implied), Ten being angsty, Jack being Jack, River being River, ect, Torchwood crew popping up, Ianto cameo, mentions of past companions, some spoilers if anyone doesn't know what happened to Donna.
Summary: Jack invites the Doctor to the Torchwood Team's Christmas Party after the events of Journey's End. An unexpected guest drops by and sex ensues.